Released in July 2013, Gabriela Cowperthwaite's Blackfish is proof that documentaries can change the world we live in. Since the release of the film, SeaWorld has suffered many repercussions. Here's an overview of the main milestones:

The first main consequence of the release of Blackfish was the drop in attendance and a drop in profit. This article from The Daily Mail dates the loss in profit compared to the expectations at $42 million in August 2014. Read more.

Affecting even more the future of the company was the loss of the investors trusts. SeaWorld shares dropped by 33% according to The Guardian by August 2014. Read more.

The latest devlopement was the resignation of SeaWorld CEO Jim Atchison during December 2014 due to growing pressure from the release of Blackfish and the animal rights organisation PETA. Read more.

This resignation also had unfortunate human consequences on the workforce at SeaWorld. A 300-person lay off was announced only a few days after the resignation of Jim Atchison. Read more.

The Blackfish/SeaWorld saga isn't close to being over. We'll keep you informed of all the latest developments.